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Poornam’s teaching is direct and deceptively simple. Her approach is energetic, humorous and compassionate. Her style is to softly guide, hold and challenge.

Through careful observation Poornam intuitively guides both the individuals and the group as a whole.

She does not adjust the body but instead supports students to follow the voice of their body and to fully connect with their sense of knowing. In time, each student grows into their own personal, authentic expression of yoga.

As her practice, has grown and life has taken her down some unexpected routes, her love and appreciation for the techniques grows.  This experience influences what Poornam brings to the mat.

The Yoga Poornam teaches is suitable for all, regardless of age, ability or fitness level, social background or religious belief.

My experience of Poornam’s classes are that of feeling grounded, nurtured and safe. She skilfully guides the pervasive and ever-wandering mind to connect with the breath, and to anchor in to a sense of stillness within the body. Tension gives way to softness, which in turn gives way to strength through slow, steady and attentive movements, some of which are subtle and gentle, others strong and dynamic. The resulting effect for me is a positively altered state – one that feels more centered and aware.


Poornam’s teaching is excellent. Her gentle yet precise approach facilitates a connection with the subtle aspects of Yoga. With regular attendance to Poornam’s classes I feel more in-tune and relaxed with myself. This seems to enhance awareness and create a sense of openness in all aspects of life. The effects have been profoundly beneficial – thank you!!!


Poornam’s voice is soft, still and steady, a cheerful lilt ripples just below the calm. She delivers what my body and mind need every time!!