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About Poornam

Poornam attended her first yoga class in the West of Ireland. She recalls that walking home that evening she knew she had bumped into something that would inform the way she lived the rest of her life. She took the jump and relocated to London to study at the Satyananda Yoga Centre.

She travelled to India in 1993 to the Bihar School of yoga and committed her life to the practices and path of yoga. On returning to the UK she co-founded the PadmaSambhava yoga centre in Wales while integrating yogic principles into her everyday life. She taught a wide spectrum of yoga and meditation practices for 15 years while returning to the Bihar school of yoga in India most winters to study with a wide circle of international teachers.

She has worked as a Montessori teacher over two decades and introduced yoga to many children as a tool to handle and channel strong emotional energy. She particularly loves working with the energy body and sound. She has also taught yoga for 15 years in a mental health day centre and for the Stroke Association.

Her core interest as a teacher lies in supporting the student to discover and connect with their inner nature. To unravel some of the conditioning and self-judgement and develop a practice to support them to connect with their inner resources. With this intention, she designed and delivered her first Yoga Lifestyle (Sadhana) course in 2007 and later developed a further course to support practitioners and teachers to deepen their personal practice.

She has been living in Devon since 2014 teaching weekly classes, workshops and courses in Ashburton, Exeter, Wales and London plus one-to-one classes, private retreats and mentoring.  She has recently discovered Energy Medicine and loves how this informs her practice and teaching.