Yoga lifestyle course

Integrating yoga into your everyday living will help you establish and maintain balance through your ups and downs. This course will support you to build and sustain your practice during everyday living within a supportive group of practitioners.

Stage one develops your personal experience of yoga over eight weeks and includes progressively structured resources to support daily home practice. There are 4 fortnightly day workshops and we conclude with a residential retreat. It is a way to create lasting change and sustained personal growth. Previous participants seemed to really value these courses.


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Yoga lifestyle course

September 2018

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Yoga Lifestyle has radically changed my life. I now have a daily practice which I struggled to do for years. It has been the best investment I have made for myself and my family. Thank you!!”


It challenged, supported and held me as I grew into the practitioner I wanted to be.


Poornam has taught me yoga for over 9 years. Because of her I have developed my own yoga practice.  When I started yoga I was not feeling well but with her gentle help, encouragement and skill within 3 weeks I began to have more energy. That’s when I started to practice yoga each day. I was hooked. How could such gentle work make me feel better and fitter than hours in the gym? I attend her retreats still when I can and even now they make a huge difference to me. She has a very deep knowledge and lives the teachings. Poornam shares with great passion and care not only the postures but chanting, meditations and many life changing techniques.