Weekly Yoga

Foundation yoga practices

Systematically build strong foundations through posture, breath and deep relaxation. You will be guided through a variety of flowing and held postures to promote grounding, strength and flexibility giving the body-mind the time it needs to align. The breathing exercises will cleanse, calm and strengthen the nervous system. Each class finishes with an integrative yoga nidra where you can soften and assimilate the effects of the practices and leave feeling refreshed.
Suitable for beginners and first year students.

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Mastering the basics of yoga

Build on the foundation practices and start moving towards classic breath work and posture sequences incorporating the qualities of good breathing, self-observation and chakra awareness.
Suitable for students who have the foundation practices in place.

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Restorative yoga

Restorative yoga could just as easily be called “mindful yoga” due to the expanded awareness of self and body that comes through the practice. Slower movements and held poses give the body the time and support to assimilate and let go while activating the parasympathetic nervous system. Simply put, you’re able to notice and feel more of the world through your yoga experience. A one-and-a-half-hour class consists of postures, breathing practices and finishes with an integrating yoga nidra leaving you refreshed, grounded, positive and clear-headed.
Restorative yoga is suitable for all especially those recovering from stress or health issues.

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Surya Namaskara

The sun salutation is a sequence of 12 classic postures and a remedy for erratic energy, stiffness, and sluggishness. Surya Namaskara stretches and strengthens all the major muscle groups, flexes the spine forward and backwards, activates the navel centre, stimulates circulation and warms the body. It coordinates body, mind and breath and awakens a sense of joy.  We will explore variations of the practice and develop this sequence into a meditation practice building towards chakra awareness for the solstices.
Suitable for experienced students.

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Yoga Nidra and Meditation

Enjoy an hour of restorative postures, deep relaxation and meditation. Learn to let go of stress and anxiety, refresh your energy and create a foundation for well-being.  Be supported and nourished as you touch a place of extra-ordinary rest and vibrant health. Yoga nidra is practised lying down and combines powerful body-mind relaxation and meditative self-inquiry. Antar Mouna a sitting practice which reduces stressful thoughts and emotions, cultivates witnessing, peace and increased self-awareness.
Suitable for all regardless of age, ability, experience or fitness level.

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I highly recommend this class as a way of resourcing and supporting yourself to deal with the ever increasing daily demands. I find this class deeply nurturing on all levels. Poornam is a wonderful guide with a generous spirit. BS

I did not have any understanding of what Yoga Nidra was about when I attended my first class. I was expecting relaxation but what I experienced was much more. I immediately felt Poonam’s integrated understanding for the practice and in safe hands! She is a gifted teacher.


Poornam’s restorative yoga class is quite different to any yoga I have done before. There is a deeply nurturing tone to the class where you are supported to move at your body’s pace. The blend of postures, breath work and yoga nidra leave my body and mind feeling deeply refreshed. I have the best night’s sleep of the week!! JJ